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  • Artist: Ooshima Michiru
  • Album: Sora no Woto Original Soundtrack
  • Title: Le pont de pierre


From the depths of the beyond midnight musings, I come bearing music.

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Nobody is useless. There’s no note that isn’t necessary.
- Rio Kazumiya (Anime: So Ra No Wo To)

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  • Album: Original Sountrack
  • Title: Volupte du soir

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requested by hellohimiko


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  • Title: Amazing Grace

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Anime Scenery 
Sound of the Sky ⌘ Beyond the Dream

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gettin real tired of ur shit alice.

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why are cats so precious omg.

cats are a blessing

it’s like they just want to belong somewhere

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mom: “Look it’s time to wake up”

me:  image

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So I like pretty much all the fandoms tumblr has to offer and chances are if you're in a fandom on tumblr, at some point I will probably post something related to it down the line. You can find me on YouTube in one of the links below, and feel free to drop me an ask up above as I like to talk about pretty much anything. Also I give great anime recommendations if you need some help finding something ^_^